Invisible Character (Copy & Paste Invisible Text)

Invisible Character (Copy & Paste Invisible Text)

Method 1 - Copy with a button

Click the button below to copy an empty character to your clipboard.

If this doesn't work on your device, use method 2.

Copy to clipboard

Method 2 - Copy manually

If the first method does not work for you, try this method. You can test if it works below.

Select and copy the content of the blue-bordered textarea below.

You can use the Select button under the textarea, and then copy the selected text manually.

Select Text

Test it

Paste the empty character in the textarea below to test it. If it works, then the grey text should disappear.

Table of Contents

Invisible Character

Invisible Character (a.k.a Invisible Text Generator) is not like an ordinary tool that allows you to change fonts or styles, it allows you to copy and paste blank space.

This invisible text generator tool helps people with generating invisible, empty, or blank text within few clicks without even paying any sum.

What is Invisible Character?

Invisible characters are those that appear as empty characters or blank characters but they are Unicode characters that are used to represent blank space without using the space key.

This tool is preferred by many people to generate blank space or invisible space between letters and sentences.

How to Copy Blank Character?

You can normally use two methods to copy blank characters with the invisible text generator you can opt for one according to your device.

Copy with a Button

This invisible text generator will allow you to copy the blank or empty character to your clipboard just by clicking the button attached below.

This is the easiest yet efficient way to copy the blank character, however, if this method doesn’t work on your device then you don’t have to worry, you can try the second method.

Copy Manually

As obvious by the name, this method will allow you to copy blank text or characters manually, all you need to do is copy the text of the bordered text area shown below.

After selecting, hit the ‘Select Text’ button and your content is copied manually, you can also test it to be clear in case.

For testing paste the copied content below in the ‘Test it’ text area, if the grey text disappeared, it means this method worked.

Where to use Blank Text?

Blank Text can be used in many ways:

  • The blank text is being used by the free-fire game players because of the invisibility functionality.
  • Many online forms require input in blank text, you can use this amazing tool to fill your online forms just by copy and paste blank space.
  • People often like to put an invisible status on different social media applications such as Instagram, and Twitter, guess what? They can do this via this tool.
  • You can also use this tool for fun, you can send an invisible or empty message to your friends on WhatsApp via this tool.
  • These blank texts could also be used in free-fire games like Fornite RPG to hide usernames, you can also generate empty letters for discord usernames with this tool.

How to generate/copy Empty Characters?

You can generate or copy the empty characters in no time using this invisible text generator tool, you need to click the button below to copy an empty character to your clipboard.

These empty characters will appear as blank spaces but in actual they are Unicode characters that could be used possibly on any social media platforms, you can also use them as an invisible character on discord username.

What is the purpose of using Whitespace Character?

Whitespace characters are composed of many Unicode characters that servers the purpose of spaces between the words, lines, and sentences on a printed page.

With the use of whitespace characters, you can make reading easy for your readers, you can generate whitespace characters to your documents using our tool.

Wind up

The Invisible Text Generator tool will allow users to copy or generate invisible symbols, letters, blank text, or send a blank message on Whatsapp or other social media platforms.

People can use this free-of-cost tool and have access to all its features, so what are you waiting for? Grab your hands on this go-to tool.

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